Vintage 2018

Outstanding quality from a growing season that threatened, at times, to be tricky. After some heat in January, the moderate, dry and sunny months of February and March delivered beautifully balanced fruit. Crop levels were slightly below average, enhancing flavour and intensity. 

Vintage 2017

2017 was a late, very cool vintage. Natural acid, great flavour from time on the vine and much more pepper and spice in the Reds. Chardonnay was a star in the whites - lower yields because of poor fruit set has added to the intensity of fruit harvested. There were pockets that would have struggled with some disease pressure and vigour management, but those who had done the work would have earned the rewards.

Vintage 2016 

September’s start to the growing season was warmer than average leading to good canopy
and fruit development. January rainfall provided relief from earlier warmer temperatures and was timely to aid fruit development through the ripening period, resulting 
in healthy fruit being harvested two weeks earlier than average. 

Vintage 2015 

A remarkable vintage with above average winter rainfall ensured a good start to the growing season and warm weather in late-December / early-January was moderated by useful rain on the 13th of January. The season concluded with mild, steady conditions and delivered fruit of wonderful quality to the winery.

Vintage 2014

This vintage was not without its challenges, with small crops due to some unsettled weather during flowering. In mid-February a string of half a dozen hot days ended with a significant amount of rain over 24 hours. The following four weeks of dry, mild and sunny weather from late February was just what the vines needed, and the results were very exciting.

Vintage 2013

A fine growing season, with some warm days balanced by consistently cool nights. It was a relatively dry season, and grapes ripened a touch earlier than usual. The weather leading up to harvest was mostly dry, ensuring perfectly healthy fruit 

Vintage 2012

Aterrific vintage with beautiful weather, without extremes of temperature, produced pristine fruit with great flavours. The only downside was that crops were lower than expected, but a price we were more than happy to pay for great quality.

Vintage 2011 

An unusually cool and wet vintage, with above average rainfall in February and March, provided conditions that were more suited to white varieties than red. The long and cool ripening season gave us vibrant aromatics and crisp acidity. 

Vintage 2010 

Welcomed winter rains replenished sub-soil moisture. Other than a spike of hot weather in November, the growing season was very mild and harvest weather perfect. Below average yields and cool weather resulted in intense flavours and high natural acidity.  An excellent vintage!

Vintage 2009

The 2009 growing season in the Adelaide Hills began with a cool spring, which resulted in a relatively small but high quality crop. A short burst of heat in late January had little impact as it occurred 5-6 weeks before harvest, and the autumn weather leading up to picking was cool and dry, which resulted in excellent flavour development and wines of freshness and elegance. 

Vintage 2008

A near perfect run up to harvest with no frosts, good flowering and a very cool February. A 15-day heat wave in early March resulted in a fast & furious grape intake and challenged all our resources. Despite the last minute heat, the quality was good – particularly flavour and palate weight. Crop levels were limited to 2kg per vine.

Vintage 2007

The 2007 growing season was warmer than usual. Spring frosts affected some parts of the Adelaide Hills, and quantities were down slightly. 

Vintage 2006 

Wet, windy conditions during Spring lead to poor flowering and in turn reduced crops. Other than 3-4 days of hot weather in late December, the all important months for flavour development and acid retention of February and March were very mild. Exceptional flavours and high natural acidity resulted.