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25 February 2013 | Blog | David LeMire MW

2013 Vintage

2013 Vintage Photo Gallery


From left - (1) winemaker Wadewitz & Creagh talk strategy. (2) the vibrating fruit sorter, and (3) destemmed but not crushed Pinot Noir. 


Hand-picked Pinot Noir from our Lenswood Vineyard, This is the first time we've had this fruit, which gives us clones new to us, 114 and 115, joining our 777 and MV6.


From left (1) Lenswood Chardonnay Clone 76, (2) Woodside Chardonnay Clone 76, and (3)Sauvignon Blanc from Johnson Road East, a south facing block at Balhannah. 


Our presses work hard but press softly. And this sight glass shows the colour of Chardonnay juice treated oxidatively to give a more complex, savoury style. The wine will end up a very pale lemon yellow colour. 


One of 6 new open fermentors that have just arrived in the nick of time. The base is angled to allow easy removal of skins for pressing after fermentation. 


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