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29 March 2023 | Shaw + Smith Team

False Alibi Cocktail Recipe

Whilst not its intended purpose, we are flattered nonetheless that the cocktail’s creator insists that only the  very best ingredients be used hence the selection of Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc.  

Either way it is delicious, perfect for Easter!

False Alibi Recipe

1. Separate the white from an egg 

2. Combine the below ingredients in a large cocktail shaker:
     20ml Passionfruit syrup
     15ml Lemon juice
     10ml Gum Arabic syrup
     1.25ml White balsamic
     35ml Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc
     20ml Vodka 

3. Add egg white to the rest of the ingredients and shake with a small handful of crushed ice until ingredients are dissolved and very cold. 

 4. Pour 20ml Perrier into a chilled narrow highball glass. 

5. Rinse the cocktail shaker with 20ml Perrier and top up glass. 

6. Garnish with hibiscus tincture. 

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