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12 April 2022 | Shaw + Smith Team

Recipe: Chiswick's Ocean Trout

Chef Taylor Cullen from Chiswick restaurant, in Sydney's picturesque Woollahra, shares his passion for flavour and texture with this delicious ocean trout recipe. The delicacy of the trout, combined with the subtle flavours of the anchovy butter, make this dish a beautiful match for our latest release 2021 M3 Chardonnay. 


200g butter unsalted
50g ologasti anchovy- pick the small ones
30g lemon zest
8x nasturtium flowers

Fine chop anchovy and shred the flower petals, mix all together, store.


1x cabbage

Roast cabbage on wood in the oven until black completely black and almost cooked through. 

Peel off outer black layers and clean the cabbage with a chux or paper towel.

Alternatively, put it on the BBQ until black or under the grill.

Break down into 120g portions with no core.

Steam for 4 minutes and toss through Anchovy butter.


4cm kombu
20g bonito flakes
2x dried shiitake
200ml water
½ Lemon juice
20ml Soy sauce
Xanthan gum

Take water to 80 degrees celsius, add kombu, shiitake and bonito.

Let cool to room temperature, strain, place on heat and put in a little xantan until liquid slightly thickens  - the consistency will be in between olive oil and water.

Season with remaining ingredients and chill.


Cut trout and leave skin side up in the fridge for 2 hours to dry the skin, place skin side down in a smoking hot skillet and press until completely flat and you stop feeling the skin bubble.

Cook for 3 minutes until black - it can be super dark- flip and cook for 10 seconds on underside then remove from pan.

Place trout on plate with cabbage tossed butter - pour a little dashi on top of trout, then add more salt and olive oil, serve.


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