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28 May 2021 | Shaw + Smith Team

Recipe: Franca's Wagyu Bavette

We are in the midst of planning our member events for the year, so when we started searching for a dish that is a great match for our newly released 2019 Shiraz, we looked to Franca in Sydney, where the team will be hosting a member dinner in July.

Located in Pott’s Point, Franca Brasserie presents a menu which highlights bold flavours and locally-sourced ingredients, prepared using classic technique.

For a traditional French bistro dish to try at home, Franca have generously shared their recipe for Wagyu Bavette. Enjoy with a glass (or a bottle) of 2019 Shaw + Smith Shiraz.

We look forward to trying this for ourselves, and then comparing our attempt to the real deal when we visit!


Serves 2


500g Bavette steak
500g Eschallots
2sprigs Thyme
1clove Garlic
Red wine vinegar
200g Brussel sprouts
50g Pancetta


Caramelised Eschallots puree:
Thinly slice eschallots and garlic. On a medium sized pan, add a dash of oil and start caramelising the onions, garlic, and thyme on low heat. Stir occasionally making sure it doesn’t burn.
Once very soft, put in a blender and puree. Add a tiny bit of water if the puree is too thick. Blend to preferred consistency.
Season with salt, pepper and red wine vinegar to taste.
Cook bavette steak with your preferred method. At Franca, We prefer over charcoal for the extra depth of char and flavour that the charcoal adds.
Season steak with a little bit of oil and salt. Make sure the charcoal is at its maximum heat. Sear/char on the charcoal about for about 40 seconds each side. Rest for 1 minute and do the process again. Rest the meat for 10minutes in a warmer area. Check internal temperature of the meat.
55 degrees for medium rare and 58-60 for medium. Once rested, put meat back on the charcoal for 20 seconds each side to heat up the exterior and give it that last char-y flavour.
Slice/carve meat against the grain. 1mm thickness.
Brussel sprouts & Pancetta:
Dice pancetta into small cubes. Set aside. Trim bottoms of brussel sprouts and cut them in half lengthwise. Slice halved brussel sprouts.
On a medium/large pan, start rendering the pancetta on medium heat. Once nicely caramelised, add brussel sprouts and sautee until brussel sprouts are cooked. Add a little bit of butter if you wish!


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