David LeMire MW
12 November 2011 | David LeMire MW

Clare Wine Show

Grosset’s hope is that Fiano, and his experimental plantings of Aglianico, will retain high acidity as they ripen in Clare’s semi-continental climate.  Continue »

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David LeMire MW
21 May 2011 | David LeMire MW

Vintage Report Shaw + Smith 2011

It’s that time of year. Most of the harvest is safely in the winery, winemakers are starting to wean themselves off the caffeine and get back to normal sleep patterns, and news about vintage is spreading like…well, like botrytis. The natural inclination is to try to mentally summarize, classify, and categorize the vintage...  Continue »

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David LeMire MW
31 March 2011 | David LeMire MW

Yvonne May

If all the negativity surrounding the Australian category is getting May down, she’s not showing it. In fact she meets it head on, pointing out that if producers are talking negatively, it could easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Continue »

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David LeMire MW
4 March 2011 | David LeMire MW

The Recent Comments From Huon Hooke About Sommeliers

The question that has them at odds, if I have it straight, is whether or not sommeliers at top restaurants are too enamoured with European wines at the expense of local wines.  Continue »

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David LeMire MW
8 January 2011 | David LeMire MW


When it comes to the top end of Australian wine, Chardonnay is driving a lot of the excitement.  Continue »

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David LeMire MW
7 October 2010 | David LeMire MW

Too Many Wine Producers?

As much as I love good Australian wines, I won’t be going without Chablis and Barolo for a week, let alone a month.  Continue »

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