Shaw + Smith Team
4 June 2020 | Shaw + Smith Team

Shaw + Smith Vintage 2020

What a year! For winegrowers in the Adelaide Hills, it was anything but normal...  Continue »

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Shaw + Smith Team
4 June 2020 | Shaw + Smith Team

Unforgettable Chardonnay Experiences

Recent travel restrictions and lockdown regulations have left many of us at the winery reminiscing about our favourite restaurants and the joyful times we spent in them. As the colder days set in, our daydreams of past European holidays have become even more vivid. Our fondest memories seem to be more important than ever, so we thought we would take the opportunity to ask Michael and Martin about their most unforgettable Chardonnay experiences.  Continue »

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Shaw + Smith Team
28 April 2020 | Shaw + Smith Team

A Mother's Day Gift Guide

With everyone keeping their distance for now, and with Mother's Day coming up on 10 May, we have created a gift guide, that we hope will inspire ideas for you, for the month ahead. This includes gift experiences, and wines, from Shaw + Smith (of course), but also thoughtful ideas for other gifts that resonate with us.  Continue »

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Shaw + Smith Team
21 April 2020 | Shaw + Smith Team

Spend $350 on wines and receive a bonus $50 gift voucher

Missing your favourite restaurants? We are too. To support our wonderful restaurant partners, we are teaming up with some of our favourites, to bring their signature dishes to you at home. Spend $350 on wines and receive a bonus $50 gift voucher. Enter the coupon code from the list below, to select the gift voucher for your restaurant of choice...  Continue »

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Emma Potter
20 April 2020 | Emma Potter

COVID-19 Update

Following on from the Government’s announcement, our Tasting Room and Winery are now CLOSED to the public and this sadly includes the banning of take-away wine sales. The good news is...  Continue »

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Emma Potter
2 April 2020 | Emma Potter

Eat and Drink Well at Home

Getting tired of cooking every night? We may not be able to dine out for now, but there are some fabulous restaurants that we can still support, raising the bar on dining at home.  Continue »

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Emma Potter
2 April 2020 | Emma Potter

Texsom International Wine Awards

  Continue »

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Emma Potter
17 March 2020 | Emma Potter

Announcement from Shaw + Smith

During these uncertain times, we are focusing on the health and well-being of our team and our guests. For the time being, our Tasting Room at Balhannah remains open, with the following precautions in place...  Continue »

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Emma Potter
31 January 2020 | Emma Potter

Bushfire Fundraising Update

With wine sales from our Crush Long Table Dinner on Friday 24 January, along with all sales through our Tasting Room for both Saturday and Sunday of Crush weekend, plus our online silent auction, we are thrilled to announce that a total $24,754.70 was raised.  Continue »

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Shaw + Smith Team
15 January 2020 | Shaw + Smith Team

Bushfire Appeal - Silent Auction

Raising funds for CFS and Adelaide Hills Wine Region Fire Appeal  Continue »

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